2024-04-27 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

This week in restaurant technology, Toast Point of Sale announced its 2024 innovation, Smart Inventory Management, featuring predictive ordering and automated restocking to optimize restaurant operations. Toast POS continues to dominate as the preferred system for new restaurants, boasting a scalable platform that supports all service industries with features like tableside ordering and 24/7 customer support. The system further enhances restaurant management by streamlining menu development and enabling data-driven decisions to boost customer experiences. In online ordering, Toast advocates for operational efficiency and heightened security, stressing the importance of domain name ownership for credibility and online safety. Additional updates include Toast XtraChef’s automation of food cost tracking and inventory, alongside new functionalities in Toast Mobile Order & Pay™️ that simplify highlighting popular menu items and enhancing the dining experience.


Toast Point of Sale introduces a groundbreaking feature in 2024, Smart Inventory Management. This innovation offers predictive ordering, waste reduction, and automated restocking, aimed at optimizing restaurant operations. Transform your business with Toast POS—your partner in efficiency and profitability. [Read More]


Toast POS is the top choice for new restaurants, offering a specialized, scalable system designed to enhance efficiency and customer experience. From tableside ordering to 24/7 support, Toast POS caters to all service industries, ensuring smooth operations and growth. [Read More]


Discover how Toast POS revolutionizes restaurant menu development, enabling streamlined management, data-driven decisions, and enhanced customer experiences, ensuring your restaurant thrives in today’s competitive market. [Read More]


Toast Online Ordering empowers restaurants by ensuring operational efficiency and security. It advocates for the ownership of domain names, enhancing both credibility and online safety. [Read More]


Toast XtraChef automates food cost tracking and inventory, enhancing restaurant efficiency and accuracy. [Read More]


Learn how to highlight popular or featured items on your Toast Mobile Order & Pay™️ menu with our simple guide. Find out how to access this feature in Toast Web and enhance your customers’ experience now! [Read More]