2024-03-09 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Toast POS introduced several innovative features aimed at enhancing restaurant operations, efficiency, and revenue. These updates include Toast Tutor for on-demand staff training, tools to improve guest engagement and sales, and functionalities for assigning prep stations to boost kitchen efficiency. The system also introduced capabilities for managing pre-orders, catering, and events, integrating with xtraCHEF for financial management, and streamlining payroll processes through Toast Payroll. Each innovation is designed to provide restaurants with the tools they need for operational excellence, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability.


Explore Toast Tutor, Toast POS’s innovative feature for on-demand staff training. Personalized learning paths enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn more about revolutionizing your restaurant’s operations. [Read More]


Leverage Toast POS to transform guest engagement into increased sales through personalized experiences, streamlined ordering, and actionable insights. Enhance your restaurant’s service and boost long-term success. [Read More]


Assigning prep stations with Toast POS revolutionizes kitchen efficiency, enhances food quality, and reduces waste. Discover how this innovative tool can transform your restaurant’s operations and guest satisfaction. [Read More]


Setting up pre-orders and mastering the Catering and Events module on Toast POS can significantly expand your restaurant’s offerings and revenue. This guide provides essential steps to configure your system for a seamless operational experience. Expand your reach and elevate customer satisfaction with ease. [Read More]


Integrating Toast POS with xtraCHEF revolutionizes restaurant financial management by offering unparalleled oversight, streamlined inventory, enhanced cost control, and strategic menu engineering. Dive into how this powerful duo can boost your restaurant’s profitability and operational efficiency. [Read More]


Discover how to streamline your restaurant’s payroll process with Toast Payroll. Learn the steps to integrate this all-in-one solution with Toast POS, onboard your team, and enjoy automated payroll processing. Embrace efficiency, compliance, and valuable insights to optimize your operations. Get started now and transform your payroll management with Toast Payroll. [Read More]

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