2024-03-23 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

ToastPOS introduces the NEXT Business Insurance Quoting Tool on Toast Web for tailored, efficient insurance quotes, ensuring effortless business safety. By integrating unparalleled sales category management, flexible menu customization, and seamless online ordering with kitchen operations, ToastPOS elevates restaurant success, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Partnerships like Toast and xtraCHEF automate accounting and inventory, while the Table Management feature enhances dining experiences and profitability, marking a significant advancement in restaurant management technology.


The ToastPOS NEXT Business Insurance Quoting Tool is now available, offering tailored, efficient insurance quotes through Toast Web. Ensure your business’s safety effortlessly. [Read More]


ToastPOS is the ultimate system for managing sales categories with unmatched customization, real-time insights, and operational efficiency. Elevate your restaurant’s success effortlessly. [Read More]


ToastPOS transforms the dining experience with flexible menu customization and streamlined order processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. [Read More]


ToastPOS’s seamless integration of online ordering with kitchen operations revolutionizes restaurant efficiency, ensuring real-time menu updates, enhanced order accuracy, and improved service. [Read More]


Toast and xtraCHEF’s partnership brings automation to restaurant accounting and inventory, improving purchase decisions and operational visibility. A game-changer for the industry, this collaboration streamlines operations and enhances efficiency. [Read More]


Master the art of efficient service with Toast POS’s Table Management feature. Enhance dining experiences and boost your bottom line through real-time updates, customizable floor plans, and valuable insights. A game-changer for any restaurant looking to thrive. [Read More]

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