2024-03-30 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Discover the game-changing features of Toast POS, from maximizing team earnings with Toast Tips Manager to enhancing your restaurant’s efficiency with the latest menu management and order processing updates. Toast POS offers a cloud-based, comprehensive solution for seamless restaurant management, including inventory control with xtraCHEF, easy integration with custom domains, and simplified management of multiple locations. Embrace these advancements to elevate your restaurant’s operations, team morale, and customer satisfaction.


Maximize your team’s earnings with Toast Tips Manager, an automated, customizable solution for fair tip distribution. Elevate your restaurant’s operations and team morale effortlessly. [Read More]


Discover the benefits of Toast POS, the ultimate cloud-based solution for restaurant management. Offering real-time insights, operational flexibility, and a community of success, it’s the key to elevating your restaurant. [Read More]


Explore the latest menu management and order processing enhancements from Toast POS, designed to elevate restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction. These updates promise to revolutionize your service, making operations smoother and more intuitive than ever before. [Read More]


This post guides you through the process of connecting your custom domain with Toast Websites or Toast Online Ordering Pro, enhancing your restaurant’s online presence and customer convenience. [Read More]


Toast xtraCHEF transforms restaurant inventory management with efficiency, cost control, and waste reduction, leveraging data for smarter decisions and fostering a supportive community. Dive into how it revolutionizes operations, ensuring profitability and sustainability. [Read More]


Learn how Toast POS simplifies managing multiple restaurant locations, enabling real-time updates, localized adjustments, and leveraging data for informed decisions. [Read More]

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