2024-04-13 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

The Toast POS update introduces an Offline Mode for KDS, ensuring uninterrupted service, while its integrated online ordering system enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Toast POS also offers data-driven menu development and real-time menu management tools, streamlining operations and ensuring menus remain competitive and appealing. Additionally, xtraCHEF by Toast provides essential tools for recipe costing, inventory management, and reducing waste, making dishes not only delicious but financially optimal. Lastly, Toast Loyalty integrates with Toast POS to help restaurants build a community of repeat customers, leveraging insights for program optimization.


Dive into the details of Toast POS’s KDS Offline Mode Update and discover how it transforms restaurant operations, ensuring seamless service even when the internet’s down. [Read More]


Discover how Toast POS’s integrated online ordering system streamlines operations, reduces errors, and enhances customer satisfaction. A must-read for restaurants aiming for efficiency and growth. [Read More]


Explore the best route for menu development with Toast POS: Use data insights, menu engineering, embrace flexibility, act on feedback, and streamline operations for a successful menu that delights and drives profitability. [Read More]


Toast POS simplifies menu adjustments, offering real-time management, customization, and insights to keep your offerings competitive and appealing. Discover how Toast can revolutionize your restaurant’s menu management. [Read More]


Master the art of recipe costing with xtraCHEF by Toast, your culinary compass in the restaurant industry. Discover how real-time price updates, efficient inventory management, and waste reduction can transform your dishes from tasty to also financially savvy. It’s time to thrive with xtraCHEF, where every ingredient cost is a step towards profitability. [Read More]


Kickstart your journey with Toast Loyalty to foster customer loyalty and drive repeat business seamlessly. Integrate it with Toast POS, enroll customers easily, and use insights to adjust your program for maximum engagement. Start building your community of loyal patrons today. [Read More]

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