2024-05-11 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Toast’s innovative solutions are transforming the restaurant industry. From the new Text to Pay feature that offers a seamless, touch-free payment experience, to strategic promotions that boost beverage sales, and comprehensive trademark protection that secures your brand. Not to mention, XtraChef’s integration with Toast POS enhances operational efficiency with automated processes. Lastly, learn to master inventory management to further improve your restaurant’s cost efficiency and functionality.


Explore Toast’s new Text to Pay feature, available in Open Beta via Test Kitchen. This SMS-based payment solution enhances guest satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing secure, touch-free payment options. [Read More]


Considering a POS system for your new QSR? Choose Toast for streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, and robust support.  [Read More]


Discover how implementing promotions and happy hours with Toast POS can dramatically enhance your restaurant’s beverage sales and overall profitability. Learn more about leveraging these strategies to attract more customers and ensure repeat business. [Read More]


Learn why trademark registration is essential for your restaurant, providing exclusive rights, legal protection, and a strong brand identity. Discover how trademarks can be a strategic business decision for growth. [Read More]


Explore how XtraChef can transform your restaurant operations through features like automated invoice processing, food cost management, and seamless POS integration. Learn how this tool can help streamline tasks, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. [Read More]


Learn how to properly set up and categorize inventory items in Toast POS with our step-by-step guide. Enhance your restaurant’s operational efficiency and cost tracking through effective inventory management. [Read More]

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