2024-06-15 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

This week, Toast POS introduced a new Service Report feature for U.S. and Canadian customers, offering detailed data breakdowns by service periods, accessible through the Toast POS app. Restaurants considering kiosks can enhance customer experience, improve efficiency, and strengthen their brand image by learning key implementation factors. The importance of optimizing online menus with high-quality visuals and mobile-friendly designs is highlighted, with Toast POS providing seamless management tools. Addressing internet connection issues through proactive network management can save businesses thousands annually by maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, xtraChef by Toast simplifies financial operations by allowing invoice data capture via smartphone, syncing with accounting systems, and reducing errors.


The new Service Report on Toast POS, now available for U.S. and Canada customers, offers a detailed breakdown of data by service periods, enhancing operational insights. Easily accessible via the Toast POS app under Manager Activities. [Read More]


Thinking about adding kiosks to your restaurant? Learn how they can enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and fit your brand image. Discover the key factors to consider for making an informed decision. [Read More]


In today’s digital world, optimizing your online menu is essential for attracting new customers. Learn the importance of high-quality visuals, detailed descriptions, and mobile-friendly designs. Discover how Toast POS can help you manage and enhance your menu seamlessly. [Read More]


Internet connection issues might be costing your business thousands of dollars annually. This blog explores how proactive network management can help identify and resolve these issues, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. [Read More]


Transform your restaurant’s finances with xtraChef by Toast. Capture invoice data via your smartphone and sync with your accounting system for streamlined operations. Save time, reduce errors, and enhance financial clarity. [Read More]


Learn how to create custom modifier groups and options in your Toast POS system to enhance menu customization, improve operational efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started today! [Read More]

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