2024-06-22 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Device Hub, a new tool in Toast Web, offers real-time diagnostics and an intuitive interface to streamline troubleshooting for internal Toast users, ensuring smooth restaurant operations. Boost your revenue and attract new customers by setting up the Toast Gift Card module, guided by a comprehensive tutorial. Enhance your restaurant’s profitability and customer experience through a well-crafted pricing strategy and seamless integration of Toast’s Online Ordering from the Digital Storefront Suite. Additionally, XtraCHEF by Toast provides advanced inventory management tools, including real-time tracking and automated invoice processing, to optimize menus and improve profitability.


Introducing Device Hub, a new tool in Toast Web designed to provide detailed device information and streamline troubleshooting for internal Toast users. With real-time diagnostics and an intuitive interface, Device Hub helps you keep your restaurant operations running smoothly. [Read More]


Learn how to set up your Toast Gift Card module and start selling gift cards with our comprehensive guide. Boost your revenue and attract new customers by offering personalized gift cards today! [Read More]


By carefully crafting your pricing strategy, you’ll not only enhance your restaurant’s profitability but also create a dining experience that resonates with your customers, ensuring long-term success. [Read More]


Discover how Toast’s Online Ordering, part of the Digital Storefront Suite, can enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and drive growth for your restaurant. Explore the seamless integration and powerful tools that make a difference. [Read More]


XtraCHEF by Toast offers modern inventory management tools designed to enhance restaurant operations by keeping culinary and finance teams in sync. With features like real-time tracking, automated invoice processing, and recipe costing, XtraCHEF helps reduce waste, optimize menus, and improve profitability. [Read More]


Discover how Toast POS can revolutionize your restaurant operations with its intuitive interface, robust features, and numerous benefits. From order management to CRM, learn how this all-in-one system can help your business thrive. [Read More]

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