Boosting Efficiency & Revenue w/Digital Ordering

Discover how Toast POS's Digital Ordering feature can revolutionize your restaurant, allowing you to serve more customers with fewer staff and significantly increase revenue. Embrace efficiency and elevate your service today!

In an era where the hospitality industry faces challenges like staffing shortages and increasing operational costs, innovative solutions are more crucial than ever. Toast POS’s Digital Ordering feature emerges as a beacon of efficiency, enabling restaurants to cover more tables with fewer staff while simultaneously increasing revenue. This transformative approach not only addresses current industry hurdles but also enhances the dining experience for customers.

Streamlined Service, Maximized Efficiency

Toast POS’s Digital Ordering feature allows customers to place orders directly from their smartphones or digital devices, bypassing the traditional method of waiting for a server. This innovation streamlines the service process, drastically reducing wait times and the need for extensive front-of-house staff. Restaurants can reallocate their human resources more effectively, focusing on areas that enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

Elevated Customer Experience

Digital ordering puts the power in the hands of the customer, offering them complete control over their dining experience. They can browse the menu at their leisure, customize orders to their preference, and place orders without waiting for a server. This autonomy significantly improves the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and the potential for increased patronage and loyalty.

Increased Table Turnover

One of the most significant benefits of implementing Toast POS’s Digital Ordering feature is the increased table turnover rate. With orders being placed more swiftly and efficiently, kitchens can begin preparing meals sooner, reducing the overall dining time. This efficiency allows restaurants to serve more customers during peak hours, directly contributing to increased revenue.

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Digital ordering minimizes the chances of human error in the ordering process. Customers input their orders directly, which means there’s less likelihood of miscommunication between servers and the kitchen. This accuracy not only reduces food waste and costs associated with incorrect orders but also ensures that customers receive exactly what they intended to order, enhancing their dining experience.

Data-Driven Upselling

Toast POS’s Digital Ordering system is equipped with intelligent upselling features. By analyzing ordering patterns and customer preferences, the system can suggest add-ons or upgrades at the point of ordering, encouraging customers to enhance their meals. This not only improves the customer’s meal but also increases the average ticket size, boosting revenue without additional labor costs.

Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions

In a time when finding and retaining staff is a significant challenge for the hospitality industry, Toast POS’s Digital Ordering feature presents a cost-effective staffing solution. By reducing the need for a large front-of-house team to take orders, restaurants can operate more efficiently with fewer staff, mitigating the impact of labor shortages and reducing payroll expenses.


Toast POS’s Digital Ordering feature represents a paradigm shift in the restaurant industry, offering a sustainable solution to contemporary challenges. By streamlining service, enhancing customer experiences, increasing table turnover, and enabling data-driven upselling, restaurants can cover more tables with fewer staff, leading to increased revenue and profitability. In embracing digital ordering, restaurants are not only adapting to the current landscape but are also positioning themselves for future success.

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