Mastering Pre-Orders and Catering with Toast POS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to set up your Toast POS online ordering page for pre-orders and master the Catering and Events module with this step-by-step guide. Expand your restaurant's offerings and boost revenue today.

In the dynamic world of restaurant operations, offering pre-orders and catering services can significantly boost your business’s reach and revenue. With Toast POS, setting up your online ordering page to accommodate these services is both intuitive and efficient. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to configure your Toast POS system for pre-orders and utilize the Catering and Events module, ensuring a seamless experience for both your team and your customers.

Step 1: Enable Online Ordering

First things first, ensure that online ordering is activated on your Toast POS system. This feature is the backbone of accepting pre-orders and catering requests online. Log into your Toast POS dashboard, navigate to the ‘Online Ordering’ section, and follow the prompts to activate this service. This step is crucial for restaurants looking to expand their services beyond the dine-in experience.

Step 2: Set Up Pre-Ordering Options

Once online ordering is active, the next step is to configure your system to accept pre-orders. Toast POS offers flexible settings to accommodate various pre-order scenarios, from hours to weeks in advance.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ section of your Online Ordering page.
  • Look for the ‘Advanced Settings’ or ‘Pre-Order Options’ (the naming might vary based on updates).
  • Here, you can define the time frame for how far in advance customers can place orders. Adjust these settings according to your operational capacity and customer demand.

Step 3: Customize Your Menu for Catering and Events

For restaurants offering catering services, creating a separate menu within Toast POS is an effective way to manage these orders. This dedicated menu can include bulk orders, special packages, and customizable options tailored to events and large gatherings.

  • In your Toast POS dashboard, navigate to the ‘Menus’ section.
  • Select the option to create a new menu, naming it appropriately (e.g., Catering Menu).
  • Add items that are available for catering, including detailed descriptions, pricing, and any customization options.
  • Ensure that this menu is linked to your online ordering page, specifically marked for catering and events.

Step 4: Promote Your Services

With your pre-order and catering options configured, the next step is to inform your customers. Utilize Toast POS’s marketing tools to create and send out promotional materials via email, social media, and your website.

  • Highlight the availability of pre-ordering for convenience.
  • Showcase your catering services with attractive packages and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Encourage customers to visit your online ordering page to explore the options and place their orders.

Step 5: Train Your Staff

Equally important to setting up your system is ensuring that your staff are well-versed in managing pre-orders and catering requests. Provide training sessions on how to process these orders through Toast POS, focusing on any unique aspects of service or preparation that these orders might entail.

  • Schedule dedicated training sessions focusing on the new features.
  • Create easy-to-follow guides or cheat sheets for quick reference.
  • Regularly review order processes and address any challenges that arise.


Expanding your restaurant’s offerings to include pre-orders and catering is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your business’s flexibility and appeal. By leveraging Toast POS’s comprehensive features, you can streamline these services, making them accessible and manageable. Remember, the key to success lies in clear communication with your customers and thorough training for your staff. With these elements in place, your restaurant is well-positioned to capture new opportunities and grow its customer base.

Embrace the potential of pre-orders and catering with Toast POS. Visit to fill out a contact form today, and watch your restaurant reach new heights of success and customer satisfaction.

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