Streamline Custom Orders with Toast POS Modifiers and Special Requests

Toast POS’s modifiers and special requests feature simplifies custom orders, allowing restaurants to easily handle extra toppings, specific cooking instructions, and dietary accommodations. Discover how this tool can enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

In today’s dining landscape, customization is key. Whether it’s extra toppings, specific cooking instructions, or dietary accommodations, customers expect their orders to be tailored to their preferences. Fortunately, Toast POS’s modifiers and special requests feature makes it incredibly easy for staff to handle custom orders, ensuring every dish meets the customer’s unique needs.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

With the Toast POS system, restaurants can seamlessly manage a wide variety of customizations, enhancing the dining experience for customers. The ability to cater to individual preferences not only boosts customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty. Here’s how Toast POS makes this possible:

  1. Modifiers for Every Need: The system allows for a variety of modifiers to be added to any menu item. Whether a customer wants to add extra cheese, substitute a side dish, or opt for gluten-free bread, these options can be quickly selected, ensuring the kitchen staff gets clear and precise instructions.
  2. Special Requests: Beyond standard modifiers, Toast POS supports detailed special requests. Customers can request their steak medium-rare, their sandwich without onions, or their salad dressing on the side. These requests are directly integrated into the order ticket, reducing the risk of miscommunication and errors.
  3. Dietary Accommodations: In an era where dietary restrictions are common, being able to accommodate these needs is essential. Toast POS allows staff to note specific dietary requirements, such as vegan, nut-free, or keto, ensuring that the kitchen prepares the meal accordingly. This feature is crucial for customer safety and satisfaction.

Simplifying Operations for Staff

Handling custom orders can be a complex and stressful process for restaurant staff. However, Toast POS simplifies this with user-friendly interfaces and clear order tickets, making the kitchen’s job easier and more efficient.

  1. Clear Order Tickets: When a custom order is placed, the system generates a clear and detailed ticket that includes all modifiers and special requests. This reduces confusion and streamlines the preparation process.
  2. Training and Efficiency: The intuitive design of Toast POS means that new staff can quickly learn how to input custom orders. This efficiency reduces training time and helps maintain high service standards even during busy periods.
  3. Inventory Management: With integrated inventory management, restaurants can track the usage of ingredients for custom orders. This helps in maintaining stock levels and reducing waste, contributing to better overall operational efficiency.

Real-World Success Stories

Many restaurants have seen significant benefits from using Toast POS to handle custom orders. For instance, a popular local diner noticed a marked improvement in customer satisfaction and repeat business after implementing Toast POS. Their ability to flawlessly accommodate a wide range of custom requests quickly became a standout feature, setting them apart from competitors.

Another success story comes from a trendy vegan café, which relies on Toast POS to manage a variety of dietary requests effortlessly. The system’s ease of use and reliability have made it an integral part of their operations, helping them to grow their customer base and maintain a reputation for exceptional service.


Toast POS’s modifiers and special requests feature is a game-changer for restaurants looking to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations. By making it easy for staff to handle custom orders, Toast POS ensures that every meal meets the customer’s exact preferences, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business. If you’re ready to take your restaurant’s service to the next level, consider implementing Toast POS today.

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