2024-04-06 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Toast Catering Online Ordering (COO) now features custom branding options, exclusively enhancing the online presence and customer experience for COO users. Toast POS stands out with its intuitive design, extensive integrations, real-time analytics, and exceptional customer support, offering a scalable solution for all sizes of restaurants. Its gift card integration is key for boosting sales and customer loyalty, providing valuable insights through easy management and customization. Toast POS also simplifies scheduling in online ordering, optimizing operations and customer service, while the Toast xtraCHEF suite introduces advanced financial management tools for restaurants. Finally, integrating new locations into Toast POS’s loyalty program is made effortless, ensuring a consistent and rewarding customer experience across all sites.


Toast Catering Online Ordering now supports custom branding for a personalized touch. Exclusive to COO users, this feature enhances online presence and customer experience. Not available for OOP users. Dive in and let your brand shine! [Read More]


Toast POS outshines its competitors with its intuitive user experience, comprehensive integration, real-time analytics, and unmatched customer support, designed specifically for the restaurant industry. Whether you’re a small cafĂ© or a growing chain, Toast POS is the scalable solution you need. [Read More]


Toast POS’s gift card integration offers a seamless way to drive sales, enhance customer loyalty, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. With easy management and customizable options, it’s an essential tool for restaurants aiming for growth and success. [Read More]


Unlock the power of scheduling with Toast’s online ordering system. Manage operations, optimize order times, and enhance customer service for your restaurant’s success. [Read More]


Discover how Toast xtraCHEF’s suite of reporting tools, including Actual vs. Theoretical Variance Reporting, PMIX Margin Report, and Food Cost Weekly Dashboard, revolutionizes restaurant financial management. Unlock new levels of financial acumen today! [Read More]


Discover how to effortlessly integrate new restaurant locations into your Toast POS loyalty program, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for your customers across all sites. [Read More]

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