Elevate Your Catering Service with Toast’s New Branding Feature!

Elevate your catering with Toast's new branding feature for COO users! Infuse personal touch into your online orders and stand out. Not available for OOP users.

Hello, Toast enthusiasts and savvy restaurateurs! We’re thrilled to bring you an exciting update from Toast that’s set to revolutionize your catering business. If you’ve been leveraging the power of Toast’s Catering Online Ordering (COO), you’re in for a treat. Now, you can infuse your catering orders with a personal touch, thanks to Toast’s latest feature that allows you to use your branding on your existing Online Ordering page. This upgrade is designed exclusively for COO users, bringing a bespoke feel to your online presence.

Why Branding Matters in Catering

Branding is more than just a logo or a color scheme; it’s the heartbeat of your restaurant. It tells your story, showcases your identity, and builds a connection with your customers. In the competitive world of catering, where every detail counts, having your unique branding on your online ordering page can set you apart. It provides a cohesive customer experience, from browsing your menu to unboxing their meal, reinforcing your brand at every step.

The Toast Advantage

Toast has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions tailored for the restaurant industry. With this new feature, Toast is offering COO customers a golden opportunity to elevate their catering services. Here’s why this is a game-changer:

  • Consistency is Key: Maintain a consistent brand experience for your customers, reinforcing trust and reliability.
  • Stand Out: Differentiate your catering service in a crowded market. Personalized branding can be that slight edge that turns prospects into loyal customers.
  • Seamless Integration: Implementing your branding is straightforward, with no need for complex redesigns or technical hurdles. Toast’s user-friendly platform makes customization easy.

Not Available for Online Ordering Pro Users

It’s important to note that this branding feature is exclusive to COO customers. Those using Online Ordering Pro (OOP) will continue to enjoy the advanced features tailored to their needs. Toast is committed to providing specialized solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of its users.

Get Started Today

Ready to take your catering service to the next level? If you’re a Toast COO user, integrating your branding into your online ordering page is just a few clicks away. Dive into the Toast dashboard, explore the customization options, and start transforming your catering service’s online presence today. Visit https://getanewpos.com/ to fill out a contact form and discover how Toast can empower your restaurant business.

In Conclusion

Toast’s new branding feature for Catering Online Ordering users is more than an update—it’s an opportunity to redefine your catering service. It’s about creating a memorable experience that starts online and extends to every bite. Embrace this feature and let your brand do the talking.

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