2024-05-18 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Toast POS streamlines restaurant operations with a platform that enhances customer service, provides real-time insights, and offers comprehensive support. It also maximizes profitability through a customizable beverage program that tailors offerings to customer preferences and optimizes pricing strategies. The integration of modern technology with Toast POS enhances efficiency and boosts sales, leading the digital transformation in the hospitality industry. Additional features like XtraChef’s Automated Inventory Tracking and the new Tableside Ordering further streamline operations and improve service, enhancing overall restaurant management.


Exciting news for restaurant owners! Toast has released its new Menu Manager to all customers. Now, quickly update your menu pricing and visibility in bulk, including modifier prices. Streamline your operations and focus more on serving your customers. [Read More]


Choosing Toast POS means streamlining your restaurant operations with an all-in-one platform tailored for the hospitality industry. Enhance customer service, gain real-time insights, and enjoy comprehensive support. [Read More]


Maximize your restaurant’s profitability with a well-crafted beverage program using Toast POS. Tailor offerings to customer preferences, optimize pricing, and engage through promotions. Elevate the dining experience with Toast. [Read More]


Toast POS integrates seamlessly with modern technology to enhance efficiency and boost sales in restaurants. With data-driven insights and community connectivity, Toast leads the way in the digital transformation of the industry. [Read More]


XtraChef’s new Automated Inventory Tracking feature streamlines inventory management, reduces waste, and saves money by using advanced automation and real-time data. [Read More]


Learn to master the new Tableside Ordering feature of Toast POS, designed to streamline operations and enhance customer service in restaurants. This training guide covers everything from device familiarity to customer interaction and troubleshooting. [Read More]

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