Mastering Toast POS: Training on the New Tableside Ordering Feature

Learn how to maximize the potential of Toast POS’s new Tableside Ordering feature to enhance dining experiences and streamline your restaurant's operations.

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, and so are the tools that support it. Toast POS is staying ahead of the curve with its latest feature: Tableside Ordering. This innovative addition promises to transform the dining experience by streamlining the order process directly at the table. In this training blog, we’ll guide you through the key functionalities of the Tableside Ordering feature, helping your team maximize its potential and enhance customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Tableside Ordering

Tableside Ordering allows servers to input customer orders directly into a mobile POS device at the table, reducing order time and minimizing errors. This real-time communication with the kitchen ensures that orders are processed quickly and accurately, enhancing the overall efficiency of your restaurant operations.

Getting Started with Tableside Ordering

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Device:
Before diving into the feature, ensure that all staff are comfortable using the mobile POS devices. Spend time practicing navigation, entering orders, and customizing orders as per customer preferences.

2. Train on Menu Knowledge:
Servers must have comprehensive knowledge of the menu to use Tableside Ordering effectively. Training should include details on dish ingredients, potential allergens, and customization options, enabling staff to answer customer queries confidently and accurately.

Enhancing Customer Interaction

With Tableside Ordering, servers spend less time running back and forth to the kitchen and more time at the customer’s table. This provides an excellent opportunity to enhance customer interaction:

  • Engage more with customers: Use the extra time at the table to build rapport and provide personalized service.
  • Upsell and make recommendations: With immediate access to menu information and specials, servers can suggest additional items, like drinks or desserts.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Equip your team with troubleshooting tips to handle common scenarios effectively:

  • Device issues: Ensure all devices are fully charged and logged in before the shift. Have a quick reference guide for troubleshooting minor issues or set up a protocol for escalating hardware problems to management.
  • Order errors: Train staff on how to quickly edit or cancel orders through the device to address customer changes or mistakes promptly.

Conducting Mock Sessions

Practice makes perfect. Organize mock dining sessions where staff can role-play different dining scenarios using the Tableside Ordering feature. This hands-on approach helps identify any challenges and address questions in a learning environment, ensuring that your team is confident and ready to implement the new system smoothly.

Continuous Learning and Feedback

Finally, establish a feedback loop where staff can share their experiences and suggest improvements. This will not only help in refining the process but also in keeping your team engaged and motivated.


Toast’s new Tableside Ordering feature is set to revolutionize the way restaurants operate, providing a faster, more interactive dining experience. By investing in thorough training for your team, you can ensure that this tool is utilized to its full potential, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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