Mastering Toast Mobile Order & Pay: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Staff

Master Toast Mobile Order & Pay to enhance efficiency and boost sales. This guide covers setup, staff training, and customer ordering steps to ensure a seamless dining experience. Increase table turnover and guest satisfaction with ease.

In today’s fast-paced restaurant environment, offering convenient ordering options can significantly enhance the guest experience. Toast’s Mobile Order & Pay is an innovative feature that allows customers to browse the menu, place orders, and pay directly from their smartphones. This not only speeds up service but also reduces errors and increases table turnover. In this guide, we’ll walk your staff through the essential steps to master Toast Mobile Order & Pay.

Understanding the Benefits

Before diving into the training, it’s important to understand the key benefits of Toast Mobile Order & Pay:

  • Increased Efficiency: Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, reducing wait times and minimizing order errors.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Customers can order and pay at their convenience, leading to a smoother dining experience.
  • Boosted Sales: Upsell opportunities are integrated into the mobile interface, encouraging customers to add more items to their orders.
  • Improved Table Turnover: Faster ordering and payment processes free up tables more quickly, allowing you to serve more guests.

Getting Started with Toast Mobile Order & Pay

  1. Set Up Your Menu
    • Ensure your menu is accurately uploaded to the Toast POS system. Include detailed descriptions, images, and any modifiers or special requests options.
    • Regularly update the menu to reflect any changes or seasonal items.
  2. Enable Mobile Order & Pay
    • From the Toast dashboard, navigate to the setup section and enable Mobile Order & Pay.
    • Customize settings to match your restaurant’s workflow, including order notifications and payment preferences.
  3. Train Your Staff
    • Order Notification: Show staff how to manage incoming mobile orders. Orders will appear on the POS system and kitchen display screens.
    • Customer Assistance: Train staff to assist customers who may have questions about using Mobile Order & Pay. Provide clear instructions and reassure them of its ease and convenience.
    • Monitoring Orders: Teach staff to keep an eye on the order queue, ensuring timely preparation and delivery of each order.
  4. Promote the Feature
    • Use in-store signage, table tents, and digital marketing to inform guests about Mobile Order & Pay.
    • Encourage staff to mention the feature to customers during their interactions.

Step-by-Step Ordering Process for Customers

  1. Accessing the Menu
    • Customers scan a QR code provided at the table or on promotional materials, which directs them to your mobile menu.
  2. Browsing and Ordering
    • Guests can browse the menu, select items, and customize their orders with any modifiers.
    • They can review their order before proceeding to payment.
  3. Payment
    • Customers can pay directly through the mobile interface using various payment options, including credit/debit cards and digital wallets.
  4. Order Confirmation
    • Once the order is placed, customers receive a confirmation message. The order is then sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Tips for Success

  • Encourage Feedback: Ask customers for feedback on their mobile ordering experience to identify areas for improvement.
  • Regular Training: Continuously train staff on new features and updates to the Mobile Order & Pay system.
  • Monitor Analytics: Use the Toast dashboard to track the performance of Mobile Order & Pay, identifying trends and areas for enhancement.

By effectively implementing and utilizing Toast Mobile Order & Pay, your restaurant can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost sales. Train your staff thoroughly, promote the feature actively, and watch as your guests enjoy a seamless dining experience.

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