2024-06-01 Weekly Recap: Toast Blog Highlights

Toast has introduced several new features to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. The Packaging Preferences feature allows guests to select necessary packaging items for digital orders, promoting eco-friendliness and compliance with local regulations. The Dine-In feature on the Toast TakeOut App, currently in Closed Beta in select Boston-area restaurants, offers a convenient dining alternative. Additionally, Toast Pre-Auth, happy hour pricing on Toast POS, XtraChef integration, and Toast Mobile Order & Pay all aim to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and boost revenue.


Discover Toast’s new Packaging Preferences feature, designed to reduce waste and enhance customer experience by allowing guests to choose the packaging items they need for digital orders. Seamlessly integrate this eco-friendly option and stay compliant with local regulations. [Read More]


Discover the new Dine-In feature on the Toast TakeOut App, now in Closed Beta! Available at select Boston-area restaurants, this feature offers a convenient alternative to kiosks. Enhance your dining experience by choosing “Dine-In” directly from the app. [Read More]


Maximize your bar’s efficiency with Toast Pre-Auth! Learn how this feature can streamline operations, reduce walk-outs, and enhance customer experience. Discover effective training tips for your staff. [Read More]


Boost your revenue with happy hour pricing using Toast POS. Attract more customers, enhance their experience, and streamline operations effortlessly. Learn how to maximize your happy hour success with automated pricing, inventory management, and data-driven insights. [Read More]


Maximize your back of house efficiency with XtraChef! Streamline invoice and inventory management, control costs, manage vendors, and gain real-time insights. Discover the benefits of integrating XtraChef with Toast POS. [Read More]


Learn how to use Toast Mobile Order & Pay to boost restaurant efficiency and enhance guest satisfaction. This guide covers setup, staff training, and customer ordering steps. [Read More]

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